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The Keeper - Menstrual Cup

The Original Keeper™ Period Cup (Menstrual Cup) is a Tampon Alternative, giving Women Menstrual Period Support Naturally.
RM 139.00
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A brand new way to look at your period!

  • No leakage! No embarassment and stained clothes!
  • No need to buy sanitary pads! Save money!
  • No restriction on movement! Go swimming? No problem!*
  • No skin allergy issues or Toxic Shock Syndrome!
  • No waste! Save the environment!
  • reusable for many years
  • made with natural gum rubber
  • plastic-free
  • may be worn for up to 12 hours
  • trusted since 1987

The Original Keeper™ Period Cup (Menstrual Cup) is a Tampon Alternative, giving Women Menstrual Period Support Naturally

Don’t be fooled by fake cheap imitations that have absolutely no guarantee whatsoever!

‘The Keeper ™’ Menstrual Cup will not only save you money but it will also help save the environment as well !”

Dear Friend, If you’d like to stop wasting money on sanitary products, help save the environment by using a natural tampon alternative and have the convenience of not running out of sanitary products, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. We have been selling ‘The Keeper ™’ Period Cup for over 12 years and have many happy customers. ‘The Keeper™’ Menstrual Cup is an environmentally friendly and natural tampon alternative and a natural alternative to sanitary products. We will ship your ‘Keeper™’ Period Cup to you on the same day or next business day that you place your order. You will have your ‘Keeper™’ within a couple of days or less than a week if you are ordering from Overseas. Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy, but please read on:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: We at adamdanhawa2u.com pride ourselves on giving the best possible customer service and promise to get your product to you quickly.
Reason two: I used ‘The Keeper ™’ menstrual cup myself for over 10 years and once I got used to it I would not be without it.
Reason three: While ‘The Keeper ™’ Period Cup is relatively new to most parts of the world it has been sold in the USA for over 20 years and is listed with the TGA in Australia (Therapeautic Goods Administration).

Here is a summary of the benefits of using ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup

Tampons AlternativeA Natural Tampon Alternative
The Keeper™’ menstrual cup is a natural tampon alternative – one woman throws away about 10,000 pads or tampons in her life
 Saves you Money
You will not need to buy other sanitary products saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run !
 Environmentally Friendly
Think of the number of tampons that you will NOT have to throw away that ends up in landfill.
 Easy to Use
‘The Keeper™’ period cup is much like wearing a tampon – it is easily inserted by folding the cup vertically. First time users may be slightly aware of its presence, but once accustomed to using ‘The Keeper™’ Menstrual Cup you wouldn’t live without it !
 Made of Rubber
‘The Keeper™’ menstrual cup is made from natural gum rubber, as opposed to silicone – a synthetic man-made material.
 Reduces the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome
Toxic Shock Syndrome is linked to absorbency and still causes the occasional death. For this reason the use of least absorbent products (such as ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup) is recommended
 No more running out of Sanitary Products
You don’t have to worry about rushing down to the shop to get more tampons or sanitary pads
 You don’t have to carry your Handbag to the Toilet when you have your period
No-one needs to know you have your period
 Can hold up to 30ml of Your Menstrual Flow
Generally you only need to empty it a few times a day and ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup can be worn for up to 12 hours and even overnight

Let me explain…

‘The Keeper ™’ menstrual cup is a small, soft rubber cup, worn internally like a tampon, to collect the monthly flow. As it holds up to 30mls, emptying the cup a few times a day is usually adequate. It has a life expectancy of up to 10 years. Besides reducing waste, it is the most economical and carefree method of menstrual hygiene. After only seven months your ‘Keeper ™’ menstrual cup will have paid for itself ! No more monthly costs !! We offer a three month money back guarantee (less postage & handling) so you have nothing to lose by trying this far better solution. ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup is light and takes up little space, making it ideal for travelling, especially when tampons and pads are hard to get or unavailable. You can keep ‘The Keeper ™’ Menstrual Cup at home or in your handbag. Some women buy a spare one so that they can leave one at the office or in the car. To care for your ‘Keeper ™’ – just wash your hands with clean water before handling ‘The Keeper™’. When emptying ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup simply rinse in clean water and re-insert. At the end of your period, wash ‘The Keeper ™’ menstrual cup in hot soapy water (no need to boil), dry thoroughly and place in the convenient storage pouch.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what some of our customers say about The Keeper™ Menstrual Cup.

  • “Just a quick note to let you know that I’m really happy with my new Keeper™ – it’s so comfortable and practical. Thank you for making this product available to women ! (Helen, Subiaco, WA)
  • “The Keeper™ is practical, saves money and is absolutely invaluable when you are travelling … I went backpacking through the highly environmentally sensitive “Walls of Jerusalem” in Tasmania. All rubbish has to be taken out and dumped and I was so relieved I didn’t have to spend the week lugging soiled sanitary wear around with me. Its essential if you’re doing a long trip overseas to remote areas where sanitary protection is expensive and/or unavailable.”(Beverley, Sydney, NSW)
  • “Initially, it took some getting used to, as it was a completely alien concept with regards to the insertion method and product material. I also found it sometimes painful to pull out, but once I had practiced it became easier. Consequently, once I had overcome these 2 factors I became really happy that I bought it. From an environmental perspective, the Keeper™ is a wonderful innovation and thus it should receive more publicity. With thanks.” (Kate, Wangaratta, VIC)
  • “Thanks for a great product, I was a bit sceptical at first but now I would not be without my ‘Keeper™’. I constantly recommend it to my friends and it saves me a lot of money. My periods are irregular so when I think they are about due and I have to go out then I use my ‘Keeper™’. No more wasting money on tampons ‘waiting’ for my period to come.” (Debbie, Willunga SA)
  • “What an excellent product, saves me money, saves the environment and I don’t have to wrap tampons anymore (I live in the country with a septic system). To be honest I was not real sure that it would be easy to use but after only a few days I feel very comfortable using my cup.” (Jenny, Tully QLD)

Warning: Do NOT buy any Period Cup unless it meets the following criteria

You will save the cost of the Keeper™ many times over!

Most women spend at least double the price of ‘The Keeper™’ Menstrual Cup in one year on sanitary products – some even more than this if they have a heavy flow. After only seven months or less you will have saved the money you paid for your ‘Keeper™’

In summary, here’s what you get:

One ‘The Keeper™’soft rubber period cup
One material pouch to put your ‘The Keeper™’ in
Instructions on how to use the ‘The Keeper™’
Fast, efficient service and delivery
What Style Keeper Cup do I buy, A or B ?
Style A
for women who have had vaginal childbirth, anytime OR for all women over 30 years old
Style B
for everyone else, including women who have had a caesarean section

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my keeper cup last ?
The Keeper TM has a life expectancy of 10 years. Usage, handling and your body chemistry will influence your cup’s life span.Is the keeper cup expensive ?
Most women spend at least double the price of ‘The Keeper™’ Menstrual Cup in one year on sanitary products – some even more than this if they have a heavy flow. After only seven months or less you will have saved the money you paid for your ‘Keeper™’What is the keeper made of ?
The Keeper™’ menstrual cup is made from natural gum rubber, as opposed to silicone – a synthetic man-made material.What size keeper cup do I buy, A or B ?

never given birthcaesarean sectiongiven vaginal birth
under 30 years of age
over 30 years of age
How do you use the Keeper?
Wash your Keeper thoroughly with hot soapy water before the first use and rinse in a vinegar water solution. (One tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water). Always wash your hands well before & after handling The KeeperTM and use drinking quality water when cleaning.
Step 1) – Hold Hold between thumb and fore-finger and squeeze the cup together
Step 2) – Fold Hold the folded sides between your thumb and forefinger with the curve facing down.
Step 3) – Insert While sitting on the toilet or squatting, relax your muscles and separate your labia with your free hand, then insert the folded cup completely into your vagina, the curved side first.
Release your grip from the cup and it will unfold.
Trim the stem to a comfortable length. If the tab is located between your labia, you will have to trim it so that no part is outside your vagina.
Cut the tab a little at a time until you find a comfortable length. When inserted properly the cup should not cause any discomfort.
N.B. Guarantee is void if stem is completely removed. You may wish to lightly moisten the rim with clean water, too much will cause leakage.
The cup follows the natural slant of the vagina. The Keeper does not touch the cervix , but rests comfortably below it.

Step 4) – Remove While sitting on the toilet, push your cup towards the vaginal opening using your stomach muscles. Then relax and grasp the tab firmly with your fingers. Pull your cup down so you can grip the bottom of the cup. Pinch gently to release the seal. Slowly pull the cup down while moving from side to side. Removal is more comfortable if the cup is brought out one side first followed by the other. Ensure you keep the cup upright to avoid spillage. Rinse your Keeper with clean water or wipe with a wet tissue before re-inserting. If you are in a public toilet, you may wish to take a small bottle of drinking water with you to rinse your cup. A few sheets of toilet paper dropped into the bowl before emptying your cup will avoid residue in the toilet bowl.
How do you clean the Keeper Cup?
At the end of your period rinse The Keeper TM in cold water then wash in hot soapy water. Consider using a little brush to clean the rim. Ensure the tiny holes around the rim are kept clean. You will achieve this by soaking your Keeper in hot water for a few minutes, and then squeeze the cup in the water to create water flow through the holes. This will also keep the inside of the stem clean. Consider using a small pin to keep the holes clear. Soak The Keeper TM again for 5 minutes in water that has just boiled – (not boiling) and then rinse with a vinegar solution – (one tablespoon per cup of water). Dry thoroughly and store in pouch provided.

http://adamdanhawa2u.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-keeper-menstrual-cup.htmlThe Keeper - Menstrual CupAdamdanhawa2uThe Keeper - Menstrual Cuphttp://adamdanhawa2u.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-keeper-menstrual-cup.htmlThe Keeper - Menstrual CupThe Keeper - Menstrual Cup by Adamdanhawa2uProduct #: Adamdanhawa2u_58718479958386359595 stars out of 5 reviews.